Meet Laura

Hi I’m Laura!

Founder and Editor of destination wedding blog French Wedding Style and creative business coach.

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Starting from 0, now over 55,000 unique people a month read my material to plan their dream destination weddings.  My Little Black Book has grown to over 1000 suppliers and coaching clients are now using my services to book more destination brides, travel across the world on paid for jobs, find their dream clients, start an online business using their wedding skills and make more money.

My approach is different from more business coaches out there.

I don’t believe that destination brides are the elusive creature that is impossible to find.  Instead, I show you how to focus on exactly who she is and how to find her.  Master this and your dream destination brides will be coming to you.

I don’t want you to join an DWS program if you are looking for the silver bullet to success. It doesn’t exist – but I will show you how to make your marketing and talent to work harder for you.

Look I understand what it is to be frustrated.  Knowing that you are working hard, but not understanding why that isn’t being translated into your dream jobs.

When I started French Wedding Style, I was working full time and using every ounce of energy and time to grow my business.  But I knew that I didn’t have a choice as I needed the FREEDOM of being self employed.

I knew that travel was something that was inherent to my soul, saving to go on holiday twice a year was not going to cut it.

Four years later and the French Wedding Style brands have continued to grow.  And I have planned and styled destination wedding shoots, that were published on leading worldwide wedding blogs including Style Me Pretty and Wedding Chicks.

Now my new normal is working with creative wedding professionals, incredible people like you from all around the world.  Working from anywhere and swimming in the freedom that I craved during my twenties.

Running a wedding business gives you the opportunity to do what you love, now its time to have the financial freedom , travel experiences and creative work that you deserve.